Are you making some of the worst content marketing mistakes? If you base your content marketing strategy on intuition or outdated information, you are sure to make mistakes. This becomes serious when errors are big enough to doom your content marketing efforts. Before creating any more content, read this list to ensure that you’re not falling prey to some of the worst content marketing mistakes.


1. You Underestimate the Importance of a Strong Title Headline

Without a catchy title, you won’t receive clicks on your content. Period.

A headline should be succinct, descriptive, and show readers that they will learn something new if they choose to keep reading.

How-to’s, Questions, numbers, and warnings are all great ways to grab attention.

2. You’re Trying to Make a Sale

No one wants to hear about your products or services. If you try to use blog posts to make instant sales, your content marketing strategy will likely fail.

Content marketing should be about gaining the interest and trust of prospects with fascinating, factual or helpful information. This will enable you to build a relationship of trust with your readers until they realize their need or desire for your offerings.

Consequently, every piece of content should be entertaining or useful, adding value to your readers’ lives.

3. You Forget to Include Calls-to-Action

Readers of your blog need to know what action to take after consuming a post. Your content marketing success depends on it.

Every piece of content should end in a call-to-action that tells readers how to use the information they have learned, leading prospects closer to converting into customers.

4. Your Content Is Low Quality

You have no hope of setting yourself up as a trustworthy source if your posts contain factual errors, spelling mistakes, or typos.

Every piece needs to be high-quality, created by a content professional who understands the best practices of writing content.

Content should also be well-formatted, broken up with bullet points, subheadings, or lists to create white space.

(Notice how we break this blog post into sentences?This is a test. Is it easier to read? Please, let us know in the comments below!)

65% of content marketers say their biggest challenge is producing enough quality content.

5. You’re Misusing SEO

SEO is central to the success of any content marketing strategy. However, it’s easy to go overboard, stuffing posts with keywords and links in an attempt to reach the top spots in search results.

You must remember that you are writing for your audience, not a search engine, and misusing SEO will lower the quality of your content.

Google’s algorithms reward quality content and actually penalize keyword stuffing. These are some of the worst content marketing mistakes you can make and ways in which to fix them.

Although these are probably the worst content marketing mistakes you can make, there are still numerous others that can ruin your chances of success.

Ensure you are on track with your content marketing by working with a professional agency. Professional agencies invest in high priced predictive analytics and high calibre writers to ensure your organization’s content marketing strategy is search engine friendly and data-driven.

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