Case Studies

A Ringside Boxing Case Study


A Performance Marketing Success Story

Ringside excel at traditional marketing and retail distribution but lack the in-house expertise, bandwidth and strategy to grow their online business. So, they hired Visibilitii.


First, we met with Ringside Boxing stakeholders to understand where it all began, and how they grew to own the trademark to Ringside in over 35+ countries. The team explained their current growth strategy as well as their wins, losses and challenges.

Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend

Ringside hired Visibilitii to perform an AdWords audit to determine how we could eliminate wasted ad dollars and drive more online sales at a lower Cost Per Acquisition.

Strategy & Implementation

We uncovered thousands in monthly wasted ad spend. Next, it was time to develop a paid media strategy (From AdWords to Facebook to Native to Remarketing) that ensured Ringside reached new customers across the path to purchase.

Results & Revenue

The Result? 31% Increase in website sales in just under 120 days.

Artificial Intelligence: We apply Ad-tech that uses machine learning and data science to eliminate wasted ad dollars.