Case Studies

A BigSteelBox Case Study


A Content Marketing Success Story

BigSteelBox hired Visibilitii to help create useful, helpful content that reached new customers across the buying cycle in the moments that matter.

  • Client: BigSteelBox
  • Website:
  • Services: Content Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO

Technical SEO

To ensure success, Visibilitii hired a leading SEO Auditing firm to address any technical website issues or penalties that could hinder content marketing performance.

Content Strategy

We developed a blog content, social and paid content distribution strategy to reach the ideal BigSteelBox customer.

Content Creation

The strategy included buyer persona development, competitor gap analysis and data-driven keyword/topic research. Then, we developed blog content to reach new potential customers to fill the sales funnel.

Results & Revenue

The Result? Visibilitii helped BigSteelBox grow their stream of qualified organic website traffic by more than 46% in just over 9 months, increasing sales by a handsome $38k /month.

Did you know? Organic search leads have an average 14.6% close rate!