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Fun Facts | Balance is Key.


You can reach us between 8am–5pm. A balanced lifestyle is important because, we work to live, not live to work. We work online, at home or in coffee shops.

We are a few good people on a mission – A collective of Freelancers, Marketing Consultants, Fortune 1000 Marketing Executives and ex-Googlers with two key client objectives;

  1. Ensure the perfect staff members, consultants and experts are utilized for each and every specific client program to ensure maximum ROAS/ROI
  2. To massively improve the results of your digital marketing programs using data-science and sophisticated machine-learning/AI technologies, rather than wasting your marketing dollars with guesswork.

Oh, and we develop spectacular data-driven content marketing programs thatfill your sales funnel, generate quality leads, and grow your organic traffic.

Meet The VP Digital: Dominic Hill

My business card might have a fancy title, but the truth is, I am a data-driven marketing consultant/nerd who loves advertising and technology. And my belief is in the world of advertising, data is power. Without data-science and AI technologies to assist in marketing, you are He-man without the Power of Grayskull.

There’s a reason to why we have been around 5 years – we’re really keen to help our clients and address their actual needs rather than focus on our revenue goals. Everything we propose – from AdWords campaigns to Blog Content Programs to Technical SEO consulting – is developed and made from data-driven decisions, and the customer needs and benefits.

In everything we do, we have a data-driven approach. This gives us the innovative edge that defines us as a company.

Our goal is to stay in the frontier of online advertising and marketing – in order for our clients to have the best opportunity to scale their business while maintaining ROI os ROAS.

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