Native advertising has proven to be among the hottest trends in the industry.

Recently, every three in five companies use native advertising annually. Why is the native advertising spend rising?

Performance of native

The chief reason for the growth in the native budget is its performance. Native ads outpaced the traditional display ads; since display ads just give a mean 0.9% click through rate (CTR).
The standard native CTRs go up to 3%, which makes a big difference in performance.

Level and efficiency of Programmatic native advertising

Programmatic trading is the future for native advertising, which promises to improve scale content distribution, user experience and reduce native campaigns time management.
Native Programmatic advertising operates by executing native ad placements on sites on an impression basis, employing real-time technology and data to ensure that just the very relevant advertisement is displayed to particular users.

Increased Mobile native advertising

Native advertising is the most convenient ad medium for mobile. Mobile advertising relies heavily on feeds, and native ads have proven fast and most efficient method for brands to circulate content.
Currently, 27% of digital content is consumed through mobile, compared to the 22% consumption in early 2014. In-feed native ad placements function extremely well on the small mobile screen, and this has generated a 1% higher CTR in natives ads than traditional mobile display ads.

Adds value to digital campaign

Native ads offer marketers a chance to add value to their brand and the end consumer. Native adds value to your campaign and boosts the total site experience.
According to a research by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), using native ads increased sponsored content amongst brands;

  • 55% of users said that it increased the brand authority
  • 55% commented that it make the brand look more trustworthy, and 56% mentioned that it make content appear more relevant to the particular site.

In-feed native programmatic advertising can be relevant, authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy – all excellent features that a digital ad should possess.