Native Ads are one of the newest and most effective top and mid-funnel forms of online marketing and, it is increasing in importance as more businesses grasp what it is about and how it can help drive more conversions.

As online commerce continues to grow, you can utilize native advertising format to improve your business-to-business performance and profitability by producing ad content that is less intrusive and more organic in appearance — exactly what your target audience wants. When native advertising appears on your chosen channels, they look natural, relevant, and are far less disruptive than more traditional forms of advertising.

3 Steps: How to begin using effective native ads to drive more conversions.

Identify Native Advertising Channels

The first step is to identify the right native advertising channels for your organization or business. For business-to-business marketing, those channels usually will be premium publisher websites and social media channels. You will need to determine the types of information each channel offers and create content that is contextual so that it will fit more readily into the flow of organic information and prompt your target audience to engage with the article.

Identify the Formats Used

When you have identified the specific native advertising channels and the types of content they provide, you need to determine the specific formats they use. For example, for programmatic native advertising distributed on premium publisher websites, you will need to determine its general article snippet length and structure to maximize engagement. If you choose to advertise on a social media channel, you want to ensure you use the correct tone, images, and other informational presentations typically used on those channels. Once you understand the various formats, you then can begin producing amazing, effective content that drives real business results.

Producing Amazing and Effective Native Advertising Content

The most difficult and challenging aspect of native advertising is producing engaging titles, topics and content that flow well with the organic information provided by the channels you choose. For a premium publisher’s website, you will need to ensure the content you provide fits within the scope of information it normally produces or else you could be declined a premium placement.

If you are promoting a particular product or theme that fits within an industry niche and you have chosen the proper channels, you can write about how that product or theme will help and improve your targeted audiences’ business prospects and profitability, but in a way that is more informational than promotional. Your content will appear naturally and be far more engaging and effective.

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