Many businesses are convinced that they will be able to run their content marketing alone, without external support. Surely no one is able to create better content than these industry experts, who know their subjects backwards?

Simply understanding a topic does not translate to good content creation skills, and many marketing professionals may struggle to express concepts in ways that are easy to understand by the target audience.

A second issue is time: a successful content strategy requires many hours per week to run, and for many marketing professionals, this is just not practical or scalable.

If you are in such a situation, consider whether turning to a content marketing agency could be the right move for you.

Read through the following points, and if any apply, your strategy is most likely underperforming, meaning you could significantly improve conversions by using the services of a content marketing agency.

1. Your Blog Lacks Regular Content

Maintaining a blog with fresh content helps create the image that you are an industry expert with new ideas to share, which encourages repeat visitors, who return for new, interesting information. Large gaps between postings not only shows that you lack dedication, it also provides you with fewer chances to convert prospective customers.

It is unnecessary to post new content every day — however, companies that blog 15+ times per month get 5x more inbound web traffic — but whatever works best for your business will mean updating your blog regularly. This can be a challenge without the help of a content marketing agency.

2. Most of Your Content Goes Unread

Even if you are producing regular pieces of quality content for you blog, your content strategy will still fail if no one ever sees the posts. This can be due to a number of factors that a content marketing agency can both detect and solve.

For example, in order to create content that attracts intent based organic traffic to your blog, you need a thorough understanding of SEO strategies and SEO technologies.

If you want your content to convert and help to reduce your AdWords spending overtime, your content marketing agency should create content that is structured around customer intent and your unique sales funnel.

3. You Have Little, or No, Experience in SEO

One reason for the above could be a lack of optimization. It is almost impossible to reach the top rankings of search engine results without a good understanding of SEO. Plus, unless you remain up to date about the latest developments, you may be using tactics that no longer work, such as keyword stuffing. The google penguin update will penalize you for keyword stuffing faster than you can say wham bam!

A content marketing agency will be aware of all the latest Google algorithm changes and be able to optimize your content to reach the highest spots in Google search results.

4. You’re Stuck for Ideas

You may be an expert in your field, but it can still be difficult to come up with enough ideas to create original content, and no one wants to see the same topic reworked countless times.

An experienced team at a content marketing agency will provide you with new takes on the same subject, using research to produce exactly what your target audience wants and predictive analytics to avoid content that will never gain traction.

5. Your Content Rarely Converts

It is useless to receive pageviews even into the thousands if visitors are consuming your content without converting. A lack of conversions can be down to several factors, including poor branding or lead nurturing.

A content marketing agency can best advise you on what to change or can create content that does result in conversions going forward.

A content marketing agency has the time and resources to dedicate to your strategy as well as the expertise to handle every aspect of your content marketing efforts, from creating unique content to measuring results for constant improvements.

With the support of a content marketing agency, you will have a better content strategy than ever before, enabling you to expand your client base, grow your business, and increase your ROI.

Invest In A Content Marketing Agency helps you to plan your entire content/blogging strategy, from idea and concept phase through to execution, distribution and optimization. If you want to start creating content that increases organic search rankings, inbound website traffic, and profitable customer action for your organization, contact us to find out more.