Knowing about the high ROI that inbound marketing practices can yield, almost every organization now has a business blog. Companies that blog 15+ times per month get 5 times more inbound web traffic than companies that don’t blog. However, many companies find that their blog leads to minimal engagement and fewer conversions than they initially expected. To ensure that your business blog is successful, you need to take five key points into consideration.

1. Know Your Audience

If you post generic content, your readers will feel like you are writing for someone else and may seek the information elsewhere. A better tactic is to develop a few buyer personas representing your ideal customers. Imagine that you are writing for one of these characters every time you create content. You should also find out what your audience wants by analyzing their engagement with previous content and seeking out questions in emails, on social media, on forums and from your sales teams (if applicable). Don’t have time? Perhaps it is time to Invest In A Content Marketing Agency

2. Post Regularly

Updating your business blog regularly by no means suggests that you should post every day. In fact, too much content can be as damaging to your business blog as too little. You need to strike the right balance to avoid overwhelming your readers while providing adequate information and maintaining high quality and fresh ideas. Once again, examine analytics to determine your optimal number of posts per week. Companies that blog 15+ times per month get 5 times more inbound web traffic than companies that don’t blog.

3. Develop a Unique Voice

Your business blog needs to stand out from other blogs to become memorable — your audience should feel that they are receiving completely original information. Give your posts personality by reflecting your brand’s values, voice, and unique standpoints.

4. Include a Call-to-Action

Every post must end with a call-to-action to ensure readers know what to do next. For content targeting new leads, you may ask readers to subscribe to a newsletter. For prospects who are already interested in your brand, suggest downloading premium content. For those who are ready to convert, offer a free trial or discount.

5. Promote Your Posts

You need to let your readers know every time you release new posts. Use social media and email newsletters and dedicate a space on your website to the latest posts on your business blog. You can also distribute through programmatic native ads or boost social media with paid ads.

Even when you know the tips and tricks for creating a successful business blog, you may struggle. It is difficult to implement a strategy on your own if you have no experience running a business blog, limited time and resources. One option is to receive professional support and advice from a content marketing agency. customers see an average of 4x increase in inbound web traffic within 4 months. helps you to plan your entire blogging strategy, from idea and concept phase through to content creation, execution, distribution and optimization. If you want to start creating content that increases organic search rankings, inbound website traffic, and profitable customer action for your organization, Contact us to learn how.